Best Ways to Discover New Music

Discovering music can be a tricky thing to maneuver, but it’s essential for staying in love with your favorites and expanding your music palette. With countless options of new bands and songs out there to explore, what’s the most efficient way to shuffle through the things you know you won’t like?

With updates to technology happening daily, music lovers can rest easy knowing there are many ways to find and discover new music. Here are Cumberland Caverns Live’s favorite ways to do just that!

Use Curated Playlists to Your Advantage

Many streaming programs have elements that allow users to discover new music. For example, Spotify creates custom playlists for each user entitled “Discover Weekly.” In these, they curate new musicians and songs they believe you will like based on your past listens.

If options like that are at your disposal, use them. They’re there for a reason: to help you shuffle through millions of songs and artists to find ones you might actually like.

Consider Exploring Other Music Apps

Primarily use Spotify? Switch it up by exploring other music avenues available to you, like Apple Music. An easy switch like this can open up new opportunities of music to listen to, simply because each app’s algorithm will vary. Or head over to YouTube to listen to your favorite songs and see where “Up Next” takes you. You might be surprised by what you uncover.

Sign Up for Programs Specifically Designed for Discovery

There are many music programs out there dedicated solely to allowing people to find new music. One  of the most popular platforms is Pandora, in which you pick one kickoff song and leave the rest of the music to Pandora’s vast algorithm.

There are countless more programs similar to Pandora out there. Some of the best include:

Old Fashioned Word of Mouth

Want to discover new music? Ask your friends! You trust them and love them, after all, and they will know your music tastes better than anyone. We’re positive if you asked any friend to share music recommendations, they would do so whole-heartedly.

Explore Google and Social Media

Instead of relying on other programs to do the research for you, dive right in yourself. You can find countless kinds of new music and artists to listen to if you simply Google your favorite songs and bands.

In addition, there are millions of music conversations already happening on social media. Some of the biggest platforms that music lovers swear by are Twitter and Reddit. Pop onto those to see what other people who love your style of music are talking about. You can easily shuffle through the endless options of genres and artists by using specific hashtags or filters.

Take a Chance on a Concert

Concerts aren’t just for listening to your favorite musicians, they’re also a fantastic opportunity for finding and exploring new music. Keep an eye on the concert venues in your area to see what musicians are coming to town. If you see one that remotely looks interesting to you, don’t be afraid to buy a ticket and give them a chance. Also, don’t skip the opening act for a favorite band! You might just fall in love and find your latest music obsession.

Luckily, Cumberland Caverns Live knows a thing or two about live music. As a concert series taking place in the historic World Famous Volcano Room at Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, Tennessee, we’re proud to feature a wide array of musicians from all over the world. See our schedule for the latest shows.